Putting all my pain inside…..

She left me, she left me alone for the rest of my life leaving her only sign;- her son, our son. I don’t know why she did this to me, I don’t know what was my mistake. I only know that I loved her, I love her and will love her forever no one can replace, she is the only one who could replace herself in my entire life or may be (if it happens) in the next life in the next universe.

If I  did anything ever, that is for the betterment of her in my sense. Let me take you to a little bit inside.

I’m a typical Indian boy from a small town’ ranchi’ which is also capital of my state” no I should say poor state” despite it contains world’s largest mineral resource a/q to area. I work for an NGO. I get married at the age of 25 and my wife was 20 year old and she was the only girl in her village to pursue graduation. All her mates were already married, some of them before their 10th board exam.

So, I decided that I will make this difference significant enough. She was stronger but I decided to make her strong enough so that if anything ever happen to me she could be a self-dependent women which looked rare in our area. Keeping these thing in my mind after a year of our marriage on completing her graduation I sended her to prepare for I.A.S which is the highest and toughest administrative exam of India. I had a firm believe that she will crack it a day and she did so in her 4th atempt. I proud on her more than she proud on her self. When she returned from Delhi we were extremely happy but I can never forget that night because that was the darkest night of my life when she told me she has a boyfriend an IITian I.A.S boyfriend(she met him during her preparation ) and she want divorce from me to marry him. She told me that she adore him very much and she knows I will do it for her. Off course I will do anything for her and her happiness so putting all my grievances inside, with a silly smile on my face I noded. I could sense the happiness inside her but she couldn’t sense the pain inside me. I don’t remember when I had cried last time but I cried that whole night. Now I’m living with my only child putting eyes on the street with a hope( it is my believe) that she will back a day………………………………………………..

……..            ………        ………       ……..

……      ……….         ……….        ……      ……

After 103 week she returned but not alone,  she return with twice of bodyguards and a couple of more car, I couldn’t say who were in them or what was in them because my eyes were looking at one only person,  remembering how every instant I passed without her and all those pain had come through my eyes but before they become droplets she hugged me tight and said forgive me your love is incredible and so is mine their can not be a second person in my life it was only my training period for which I had to  apart from both of you that’s why I lied to you. I couldn’t hold those droplets of my eyes running away but this time they were not for those pain than they were for the joy that had come instantly inside me.


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